Specialised Cement Based Waterproofing, Chemical Waterproofing & Restoration.

We have recently completed 50 years in waterproofing services.

Client satisfaction

From the time of establishment, Client satisfaction is the main aim of our company. By providing all the services, we possess the customers satisfaction in the market. We provide services based on the specifications of the clients.

We never compromise in providing service to our clients, which made us successful in the market. We maintain carefully in providing the minutes detail required by the client. Overall indivisual attention and focused approach is given to all the customers.

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Advantages of Continental Process


Our Process is Cheap in the long run-though initially slightly costly. as it does not requires a regular maintenance viz periodical repair and/or replacement after a limited period.


The 'CONTINENTAL' process is of permanent nature and one done will not need any attendance for a long time.


Our treatment is covered with guarantee for a period of TEN YEARS from the date of completion against any defect inadvertently left out by the workers.


Our process being based on cement can with stand the same temprature as the R.C.C struture in metal foundries,Steel plants and Re-rolling mills etc.

Decrative Surface

if however a decorative surface is desired on it.Since it is finished in cement it can also take that.


is a non-conduct of heat unlike bitumastic treatment.hence the terrace treated with our CONTINENTAL treatment tend to keep the areas below comparatively cooler in summer and warme in winter.


Our Process on terraces or other horizontal surfaces provides suitable for all normal domestic purposes.Since it issufficiently strong.it does not need any further protective layer.


The CONTINENTAL treated surface on the walls can be painted in pleasing colours with any kind of paint.

Beautiful Lawn

The CONTINENTAL treated terrace can be converted into a beautiful lawn and/or a garden.

Specialised Cement Based Waterproofing | Restoration

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